Physiotherapy & Fitness of your dogs

Patient rehabilitation:

- Prevention of reduced joint mobility
- Treatment and prevention of joint stiffness, contracture of muscles and tendons
- Restoring the functions of muscles and joints
- Prevention and treatment of muscle atrophy
- Accelerated and improved bone healing after surgery
- Recovery and adjustment of movement after limb amputation

Neurological problems:

- Injuries and diseases of the nervs
- Paresis and paralysis
- Spondylosis and paralysis
- After a spinal injury or surgery

Improving the general condition of the body:

- Strengthening the heart and circulatory system “cardiovascular fitness”
- Obesity (weight loss dieting)
- Improving health condition in older animals
- Fitness-fitness training of work dogs
- Improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the injured area
- A positive psychological effect on the animal and the owner